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Seasons - Gezelschapsspel Seasons - Gezelschapsspel Seasons - Gezelschapsspel

Seasons - Gezelschapsspel

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  • Merk: Asmodee| Barcode: 3558380015338


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Alles over dit product

Seasons is a game of cards and dice which takes place in two phases: The first consists of a draft. The goal during this phase will be to establish a strategy for the rest of the game with nine cards that can be selected (Each card has a specific effect and earns victory points). Once the draft is complete, each player must separate its three 9 cards in packs of 3 cards. He will begin the second phase of the game with his first pack of three cards, then gradually as the game progresses, he will receive two packets of three cards. Then comes the second phase of play at the beginning of each round a player will roll the dice seasons (1 dice per player + 1). These cubes offer a variety of actions to the players: - Increase your invocation (maximum number of cards you may have placed on table)- Harvesting energy (water, earth, fire, air) to pay the cost of invocation maps - Crystallization energy (during the current season) to collect crystals. These serve both as a resource to rely on some cards, but also many points of victory in the endgame. - Draw new cards ... Each player can choose only one die per turn. The first player will choose among those launched, then the following among those remaining and so on. At each turn, the dice indicates how many remaining cells (1, 2 or 3 boxes) the marker of the seasons ahead. In addition, all the dice are different depending on the season. For example, there is not the same energies to a particular season. Throughout the game, players will therefore have to adapt to these changes. At the end of the game we add the points of victory on the cards given the number of crystals possessed. The player with the most victory points wins.


Aanbevolen leeftijd 14 - 99 jaar
Aantal spelers Van 2 tot 4 spelers
Speeltijd 60 minuten
Spelsoort Strategisch spel
Taal Engels
Batterijen nodig Nee
Inclusief batterijen Nee
Afmetingen verpakking 29,7 x 28,8 x 8,1 cm (lxbxh)
Gewicht 1,204 kg
Merk Asmodee
Keurmerk CE
Materiaal Karton
Doelgroep Volwassenen
Speleditie Standaard editie


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